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Boating Safety Tidbit:

Boater Checklist
  1. Does your boat meet all safety regulations?
  2. Is your boat seaworthy and capable of handling the prevailing water conditions?
  3. Do you have an approved lifejacket for every member of your party?
  4. Do you have safety flares and a waterproof lighter?
  5. Do you have two buoyant towlines?
  6. Do you have an anchor?
  7. Do you have a sound-emitting device, such as a horn or whistle?
  8. Do you have paddles or oars?
  9. Do you have tools to perform minor mechanical repairs?
  10. Do you have a first aid kit?
  11. Do you have a fire extinguisher?
  12. Do you have sufficient fuel?
  13. Have you checked for fuel system leaks or fumes?
  14. Do you have water and nourishment?
  15. Do you have protection from the elements - sun, wind or rain?
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