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Boating Safety Tidbit:

First Aid for Embedded Fish Hook
  1. Wash your hands to reduce risk of infection.
  2. Expose the injured area and inspect the wound, without touching it.
  3. Gently place clean dressings around the object.
  4. Place bulky dressings around the object to keep it from moving. This will apply pressure to the wound but not the object.
  5. Secure the bulky dressings in place with a narrow bandage; taking extra care to ensure that pressure is not exerted on the embedded object...
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Figure out the right type of boat or watercraft for you! Learn about boating safety in our articles and guides.

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Common Boating Questions
by: News Canada

Which type of boat is right for me? For most buyers, general purpose craft which serve as fish, ski and picnic boats are ideal; for others needing something specialized, a wide selection is offered in most markets. How big a boat will I need? Size is a function of who will be on board and where it will be used. Options range from 12-ft. dinghies to power and sail yachts. If it is a question of two to four-feet in size, buy more if your budget allows. This will keep you in the boat longer.


Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15F

Based on the Kawasaki Jet Skis used for competitive racing, this three--seat "motorbike on water" features a top-of-the-line four-stroke engine--but is also designed to keep fuel consumption and smoke exhaust to a minimum, making it fast, environmentally friendly, and easy on the lungs. $9,499@ KAWASAKI.COM

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What You Need to Know to Buy a Good Used Boat
by: Adam Lenk

More than 60 percent of first-time boat buyers purchase used boats rather than new ones off of the show room floor. For many, this is a practical solution to save money, especially when you're not sure how well you are going to take to boating or how often you will feel like devoting time to your new leisure pursuit. While buying a used boat has many advantages, it is also important to make sure that you are getting a good buy for your money and not unloading a faulty vehicle off of someone else's hands. For first-time buyers this is often the most difficult task because they lack the knowledge that only years of boating experience can bring.

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